Welcome to Vattenfall Networks

Welcome to Vattenfall Networks

Vattenfall Networks Limited is a IDNO (Independent Distribution Network Operator) licensed to work anywhere in Great Britain. This means we can own and operate the wires which take electricity from the grid to your home and business. We can also connect you to the grid if you generate electricity, for example, from solar or wind.

Vattenfall Networks Limited is part of Vattenfall AB, the state-owned electricity company of Sweden.

Why choose Vattenfall Networks?

  • As part of the Vattenfall Group, we bring with us more than 100 years of operating distribution networks in Sweden and Germany where we have more than 3 million household customers and nearly 50,000 business customers. Vattenfall Networks is based in Great Britain and has the benefits of a small and agile team with the backing and experience of a major European firm.
  • Safety and security of supply is of utmost importance to us. Our networks are designed with the latest technological and operational expertise to ensure the highest levels of safety and reliability. We take special care of any priority customers on our network
  • We offer competitive prices designed to deliver cheaper connection and distribution fees than your host Distribution Network Operator.

We can also offer the services of our sister business, Vattenfall Network Solutions Limited. Vattenfall Network Solutions offers climate smart products and services to British network users, whether in their homes or businesses. This includes options such as low-carbon heating, solar and storage, electric vehicle charging points, and smart network services.

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