Vattenfall IDNO Services

Vattenfall IDNO Services


As a fully licenced IDNO we design, adopt, own and operate electricity supply networks to deliver smart, reliable, cost-effective electrical supplies for all types of customers. 

Working alongside your existing Independent Connection Provider (ICP), or via one of our recommended contractors, we review and approve technical designs and finance the latest climate smart technologies to power your project. Vattenfall IDNO provides an alternative to working with your local DNO. We adopt network infrastructure and pay developers an Asset Adoption Value. We have developed trusted relationships with a network of ICPs who can provide fast response call outs in any area of the UK.

Our Services include:

Vattenfall sustainability UK

Commercial Developers

If you are developing a project which requires a new electrical connection Vattenfall IDNO can provide you with high quality electrical infrastructure. From retail and data centres to mining and manufacturing, 38,000 businesses in Sweden and Germany are connected to Vattenfall’s electricity networks. We commit to delivering fast and cost-effective services that are tailor made for your commercial developments.

Housing developers

Major Housing Developers

Whether you are a national house builder or Independent Connection Provider, Vattenfall can help you design innovative electricity networks as your licenced IDNO. New-build housing infrastructure is a golden opportunity to develop future-proofed electricity networks. Vattenfall help housing developers provide customers climate-smart technologies and services such as electric vehicle charging, smart energy management services, electricity storage and micro-generation. We operate safe and reliable electricity networks which put consumers first and take special care of any priority customers on our network.

Heavy Industry

Heavy Industry

Vattenfall has significant experience of designing, developing and managing electrical infrastructure for energy intensive, industrial and manufacturing projects. We are working with Sweden’s major manufacturers to help them decarbonise and are keen to leverage our experience to help UK industry become fossil-free. Decarbonising heavy industry using renewables requires large amounts of infrastructure which Vattenfall IDNO is able to provide to help your business reduce its environmental impact.