Housing and infrastructure

Electricity distribution for new-build housing developments

If you are building or designing new-build housing or infrastructure, such as retail and industrial parks or transport, call us to find out how we can offer innovative, climate-smart, and cost efficient electricity networks.


Why choose Vattenfall Networks Limited?

Vattenfall is an experienced and reliable network operator. Our history in electricity distribution stretches back more than 100 years and, today, half of Sweden’s electricity moves through our networks. Our British electricity networks business combines the agility and dynamism of a small business with the stability and financial resources of a major European energy company.

We lead the way in innovative, climate-smart technologies such as microgrids, smart meters, and electric vehicle charging.

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We can work faster and more cost efficiently than the host distribution network operator and our domestic network charges are capped so they will never be more than the host network operator.


Electricity distribution for new build housing developments

We are a experienced distributer with more than 5 million customers in Sweden and Germany connected to our networks.

New-build housing infrastructure is a golden opportunity to develop future-proofed electricity networks which offer customers climate-smart technologies and services.

Whether you are a house builder or Independent Connection Provider, Vattenfall Networks Limited can help you design innovative electricity networks or adopt networks which are already built as your licenced IDNO (Independent Distribution Network Operator).

We operate safe and reliable electricity networks which put consumers first. We embrace and pioneer climate-smart network innovations aimed at the householder, such as electric vehicle charging, smart energy management services, and electricity storage and micro-generation, such as solar and wind power.


Electricity distribution for infrastructure developers

From shops and data centres to mining and manufacturing, 38,000 businesses in Sweden and Germany are connected to Vattenfall’s electricity networks.

Infrastructure developers, whether transport, retail, or industrial, need a reliable electricity network operator to manage their networks. We commit to fast and cost-effective service for infrastructure developers and climate-smart innovations tailor made to major electricity users, such as self-healing networks, super-fast electric public transport charging, or commercial-scale solar and storage.


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Embedded Generation

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Independent Connections

Electricity distribution for Independent Connection Providers

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Private wire networks

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