Emergencies and Safety

What to do in a power cut or emergency?

  • Keep a torch handy. Avoid using candles and paraffin heaters.
  • Keep a wind-up/battery/solar radio ready so you can listen to local radio updates
  • Many modern telephones, especially digital or cordless ones don't work in a power cut. Keep an ordinary analogue one handy.
  • Protect sensitive electrical equipment such as computers with a surge protector plug.
  • If you have a mains operated stair lift, check to see if there is a manual release handle that can be used to return the stair lift safely to ground level if it stops working.

Health and safety

Safety is a priority area for Vattenfall, which is reflected in the fact that safety is one of Vattenfall's core values.

Safety means that we care about the health and safety of our employees, contractors/suppliers and society.

We strive for a healthy and safe workplace for our employees and contractors by managing health and safety in a systematic and pro-active manner according to the principles of OHSAS 18001, including increasing our health and safety awareness, leadership and culture.

Vattenfall's long-term goal is to have zero safety accidents, no work related ill-health and long-term healthy, engaged and motivated people. Our Group policy reflects our commitment to health and safety.

Contacting us to report a power cut or safety concerns

Please ring us as soon as possible.