Our electricity network costs and charges

Costs and Charges

There are two basic costs for using our networks:

1. One-off connection costs when you join our network

2. Ongoing distribution use of system charges.

These costs cover the building and maintenance of the electricity distribution system which takes power from the high voltage transmission system to the lower voltage distribution system, including assets such as overhead and underground power lines and substations.

Vattenfall Networks offer all our customers competitive electricity connection and distribution prices. In the UK, electricity customers have a choice of using the incumbent regional distribution monopoly or a licensed IDNO (Independent Distribution Network Operator).

As a licensed IDNO, Vattenfall Networks wants your business so we will always try to beat the prices and charges of your incumbent distribution network operator. For household customers, we guarantee our distribution charges will always be no more than your regional electricity distributor would charge.

Our costs and charges are calculated following the electricity industry‚Äôs standard set of rules. Contact us for more information about our charging methodology.

Electricity connection costs

Electricity connection costs are based on the size of your connection. Connection costs reflect the fair and efficient costs of work we have to do to welcome you onto our network. Your connection cost may vary according to your circumstances. 

Please contact us for more information of charging methodology

Other charges

There may also be other occasional charges arising from our network. These charges are mostly standardised and are only likely to be triggered if you ask us to change something on the network

More information about connection cost will be available soon!

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